Notification and Charges

Cooperating with meter readings

The reference date for meter readings will be different in different areas.
* In cases where the reference date falls on a holiday, the date of the meter reading will be changed to a different date.

How Meter Reading Periods are Calculated

In the case that the reference date is the 15th day of the month.

 The period from June 16, the day after the previous meter reading, to August 15, the date of this meter reading is referred to as the “July – August”.

Some Requests

 If we find that there is something unusual about the volume of your water usage, or because there is any suspicion that there might be a leak, we may ask you about how you are using water, so please be prepared to cooperate in answering those questions.

● Do not place objects on top of the meter box
● Please keep any dogs away from the meter and from the entrance to the property.
● If you want to change the position of your meter, please contact the service station responsible for your contract in the 23 Wards, or the Tama Customer Service Center (You will have to pay for the construction work).

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