Notification and Charges


There are 3 methods of payment.

1 Automatic Account Transfer

You can pay your water and sewage charges automatically through your bank or postal account.
We discount as stated below if you pay by account at the first transfer.

¥54 (tax included,¥4), per month
¥108 (tax included,¥8), every 2 months

We recommend you to apply for the automatic account transfer for your convenience.

Application for Bank. Postal. Account Transfer


Please apply for it at the bank or post office where you have your own account with your passbook, personal seal and the water bill which shows your customer account number.
You can also apply for it at the waterworks service offices.

2 Payment by the Bill

imagePlease make your payment with the bill by the due date at following places;

  • Banks(almost all the banks in Tokyo)
  • Post offices
  • Convenient stores(excluding just a few)
  • Waterworks service stations

* Just in case your payment is overdue,contact Bureau of Waterworks Customer Service Center or Bureau of Waterworks Tama Customer Service Center.
* If your water charges remain unpaid, the water service may be suspended. 

3 Credit card payment

How the system works

In order to pay your water & sewage bills with your credit card, you need to register yourself in advance. This service is for customers who pay with a card regularly. First a credit card issuer pays your bill to Bureau of Waterworks for you. Then the issuer asks you to pay the money to them.

*This is not the service under which you can pay by showing your credit card at a window of a Waterworks Bureau's service station, a financial institution or a convenience store.

We take these credit cards.

Cards on which the following marks are printed

credit cards

Important notices

  • "Account discount"(50 yen a month without tax)is not applied.
  • A receipt is not issued from the Waterworks Bureau. Please check on a statement issued from the credit card issuer.
  • Payment in installments is not accepted. It must be paid in full at a time.
  • If your credit card should not be accepted by the credit card issuer for some reasons, we will send you the bill, even after you finished your registration.
  • Your water-meter is usually read bimonthly, but you could receive a bill two months consecutively or sometimes after an interval of more than two months, owing to a discrepancy between the meter-reading date and the card issuer's cutoff date or some other reasons.

How to apply for the credit card payment

  • You need to turn in an application form in advance.
  • Please call Customer Service Center and we will send you the necessary form.
  • Please read carefully "the Contract for the credit card payment of the city water & sewage charge", which is written on the form. Fill out the form and put your seal (or signature) on it, and then send to us.
  • Some credit card issuers provide their own application forms or they have their home pages from where you can apply.

* We will notify you by mail when the procedure is finished.
* It might take about a month to finish the procedure.
* The charge which has already been claimed to you can not be paid with a credit card, so please pay it in the way you have been doing until now. Customers who have changed the way of payment from the automatic account transfer might be asked to pay with a bill.

Continuation of credit card payment

As long as you move within the 23 ward area and the Tama area, you can use the same credit card registered to pay the water bill.
When you start to use it again after moving, please notify us with your former customer number.

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