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Distribution Tower of Komazawa Water Supply Station

Distribution Tower of Komazawa Water Supply Station

The Komazawa Water Supply Station is located northeast of Denentoshi Line Sakura-shinmachi Station, and was established in 1924 as a waterworks facility managed by Shibuya Town, Toyotama County.
It was designed by Professor Eiji Nakajima, known as the father of modern waterworks of our country.
Water transmitted from the Kinutashimo Purification Plant, which has water resources from the subsoil water of the Tama River, is pumped up and stored in the 2 distribution towers to generate a pressure difference in elevation. This water is then supplied to the Shibuya district using gravity flow which was an innovative concept in Japan at that time.
The twin cylindrical water distribution towers made of reinforced concrete has a decorative crown shape, called “the Crowns on a Hill”.Their creative interesting design is still popular today among the local citizens as the town’s symbol.
In 2012, the distribution towers (established in 1924) and distributing pump station (established in 1933) were registered as the Japan Society of Civil Engineers Heritage Site.
Currently they are used as emergency water storage tanks,while the functions as a water supply station are suspended due to the aging of the facilities. However, the resistance against earthquakes has been confirmed for the major structures including the distribution towers, and to be able to use them the way they are , it is going to be repaired and reinforced. For other structures, such as the pump station and distribution pipes, they will be renewed so it can be operated as a major water supply facility for the local area.
※The Komazawa Water Supply Station is not opened to the public.

General Information

Name of Facility Distribution Towers of the Komazawa Water Supply Station
Location/Access 41-5 2-Chome, Tsurumaki, Setagaya-ward
Tokyu Denentoshi-Line “Sakura-shinmachi Station” 7 min walk