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FY2017 Waterworks Interaction Month Event Announcement

The Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment will be having the following events for the "Waterworks Fureai(Interaction) Month"during the Waterworks Week in June(from June 1st to June 7th).

Water Resource Forest Created by Everyone

This "Water Resource Forest Created by Everyone" is an event where you can in-depth your knowledge on the importance and roles of the Water Conservation Forest, home for the Tokyo Water. You will also be able to learn about the actions and efforts that the Waterworks Bureau is doing to protect this Water Conservation Forest.

Time and Date Venue Details of Main Events
June 3rd(Sat)
10am to 6pm
Tachikawa Tacross Square
(Akebonocho 2-2-22
Tachikawa, Tokyo)

<Held All Day>

  • Easy Water Conservation Forest Lecture by Pepper
  • Experience the Water Conservation Forest Rally to learn about the functions of the water conservation forest
  • Drink and Compare the Tap Water and Bottled Mineral Water and other activities

<Only on June 24th>

  • Create a Log Sculpture"Chain Saw Carving Show" and other activities
June 17th(Sat)
10am to 6pm
Tokyo Tower
(Shibakoen 4-2-8
Minato-ku, Tokyo)
June 18th(Sun)
10am to 6pm
Shinjuku Station
West Exit Event Space
(Nishishinjuku 1
Shinjuku, Tokyo)
June 24th(Sat)
10am to 5pm
(Hara 5 Nishitamagun okutamamachi, Tokyo)

※ The schedule may change due to weather and other circumstances.

For details of the events visit our Event Website(
We will be wating for your visit.

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